Legends of the Fog 2014

The HRC went back to Legends of the Fog in late October for a review. We went in August (check out the video and write-up on our site) to see what was happening behind the scenes. This is a hard working haunt for sure. The first attraction we started with was the Freak Show/Circus tent. They had some crazy freaks in there.

The curse of Frau Mueller 2014

HRC traveled to DC, to review Gravensteen Production's The curse of Frau Mueller. This is in a very large warehouse. Sadly it is probably their last Time in this location. It was perfect too. Apparently the owner of the building is considering selling it. The show was really neat. 50,000 square feet of creepy! The zombies in there were very convincing.

Chesapeake Woods Massacre 2014

Every year the HRC goes to a variety of attractions in several states. We often like to be sure to patronize places who scare for the love of it, and who raise money for a good cause. Chesapeake Woods Massacre in Chesapeake City MD does both. The actors are not paid. They come each year and set up the walking trail (about a mile long) and sometimes spend their own money to help make it a success. The profits go to the volunteer fire department.

Nightmare Manor 2014

The HRC went to Ijamsville MD to check out Nightmare Manor. The haunt itself has been in this location for 2 years, however the family operating it are no strangers to haunts. The family has made various other attractions previously. They've combined their talent and skills (there are many) and collaborated for a unique haunt experience in Maryland. There are 3 parts, first is their toxic waste/corn maze type walk through. They had very good use of strobe lights, and laser lights in here.

Valley of Fear 2014

The Haunt Review Crew ventured north to The Valley of Fear (VOF) and Original Haunted Hayride in Feasterville (Bucks County) PA. VOF has 4 attractions and a variety of combo passes to suit all visitors. We did all 4 attraction; Operation Z Zombie Paintball Hunt, Zombie Escape Maze, Scary Tales Haunted Forest Walk, & The Original Haunted Hayride. First we tried our first ever Zombie Paintball experience.

Halloween Park 2014

HRC visited Halloween Park in Strinestown PA. They have 3 attractions. Previously Halloween Park was the only interactive haunt around. They've redesigned the entire place for 2014. It was so creepy!!! The first thing we did was Creekside Manor, the sets in here weren't just props placed around rooms.

Frightland 2014

The HRC traveled to Delaware's Frightland to check out their 8 attractions. The first 4 are separate indoor attractions: The Manor,The Attic, The Haunted Barn, and The Prison. The last 4 are outdoors. You start with their hayride and the others flow along from the hayride exit.

Shocktoberfest 2014

The Haunt Review Crew visited the cutting edge haunt located in Sinking Springs PA, Shocktoberfest! They offer several different pricing packages depending on what you want to experience. Some unique options include tickets to shoot the zombies on their hayride with paintball guns, and also you can be made into a zombie yourself and scare people!!!

Screamland Farms 2014

The HRC had the privilege of reviewing Screamland Farms on their first dress rehearsal! This attraction is located in Frederick MD, and is perhaps Maryland's best kept secret of an amazing haunt!! For $27 they offer 3 attractions. The barn of Bedlam, the Hayride of Horrors, and Corrupted Corn.

Hotel of Horror 2014

The HRC visited the Pocono mountains for one of their longest running haunted attractions, Hotel of Horror. They have two main attractions. Every year the themes change and they put on a new show. As far as value goes, the price gets you two haunts and for a small additional amount you'll have a tour of a small museum with twisted old school medical and funeral items and much more.


What can we say? It wouldn’t be haunt season if we didn’t start off the season with one of the few haunts open in mid-September, Field of Screams. This place is just insane. They have been around many years, and are very well known in the Haunt community. In 2013, they added a new attraction called Nocturnal Wasteland, rounding out their show to 4 attractions! Incredible.

Eastern State Penitentiary's Terror Behind The Walls

The HRC finished out 2014 with a trip to Philly to review the haunt located inside of the Eastern State Penitentiary. Terror behind the walls featured several sections of themed areas. We went for their last weekend open. The lights out tour! We've gone over the years to Terror behind the walls separately for their typical show. This was our first time for the "lights out tour" This was incredible.

Camp Spookynaw

Camp Spookynaw  in Oxford, PA! What a pleasant surprise?! This is their first year as a haunted attraction. Usually this is a fully functioning camp for kids. In October it is now grounds to scare the family. We loved the theme, dragons, and witches and warlocks, O MY! They send you off on a mission from the start and unlike some haunted attractions, they stay with their theme all the way through.