Nightmare Manor 2014

The HRC went to Ijamsville MD to check out Nightmare Manor. The haunt itself has been in this location for 2 years, however the family operating it are no strangers to haunts. The family has made various other attractions previously. They've combined their talent and skills (there are many) and collaborated for a unique haunt experience in Maryland. There are 3 parts, first is their toxic waste/corn maze type walk through. They had very good use of strobe lights, and laser lights in here. One of the best placed actors ever after a narrow tunnel, and a few surprises hiding out for you. Mr Giggles was the best actor in this area. There was also a guy in a box that really freaked us out. This part of the attraction we felt needed the most work overall. It felt like most actors screamed in there and there wasn't as much acting as they could do. This part of the attraction leads you to their manor. It is actually in a 200 year old manor. The greeter (Michael) was amazing. Set the scene well and stayed in character 200%. The manor is large, they did an amazing job decorating. Every room was very detailed. The props they used weren't all store bought props they have things we've never seen. Scared us all with a piece of furniture. It was very good. The manor was so creepy all on its own. Even if there were no actors in there it would be scary. The tour actually takes you under the manor into the basement. It felt eery in there and we were glad it wasn't a long time we had to be in that. The manor part floats between inside and out and sometimes we couldn't even tell when we went outside until we looked up. Amazing. We stroll through a cemetery and end up in a junkyard. OK. Seriously. The actors in the junkyard... you're amazingly dedicated and talented. We thought there were 12 of you. Found out that wasn't the case. You manipulate space and perfectly act on what your victims say and do. 
It was awesome. Very good end of the tour. Overall things were coming from above, below and all around at this place. With it only being their second year in that location, we are really excited to see how they will grow and improve. There is a neat midway area with room to expand. They have vendors set up for games, a magician to entertain you while you wait, and food for purchase as well. The price is well worth the show. If we were rating the last 2 parts it would have been an easy 9 out of 10, but we have to consider the experience as a whole. The show in its entirety on a scare level was about an 8 when we averaged our scores. This place has crazy potential and we hope you'll check them out and let us know what you think!!