It all started in 2005 when myself (Jackie) and my sister started going to haunted houses with friends.  People would ask which place was best and where was the biggest bang for your buck? Each year more people asked, so it grew to a blog on MySpace. Cara, a friend who went along to the attractions, suggested we get business cards to pass out, so when people asked they would know how to find the Myspace page. We went by the name "North East Review Crew." Shortly after, we decided to include where we are from in the name, so we became known as the Baltimore Scare Crew. You wouldn't believe how many folks still asked us where we were from after our name change, LOL. Another member at the time offered to run a website, so our website was born. Each year we've added and lost members due to life changes and priorities shifting; no matter who has come and gone we've remained very strong.

In 2013 we decided to make the website and group more group-controlled, as opposed to individually controlled. We also wanted to rebrand and change our name, so we wouldn't limit ourselves to just a local review group. The person who ran the site disagreed with these changes and wanted to maintain control of the site, as well as public relations. So, here we are now, the Haunt Review Crew. All of the original 2012 BSC members, less one, are now a part of the new HRC. We wish the BSC of 2013 luck going forward. With that said, we have rebranded and ordered new banners and attire, for a more professional look!

We are so excited to spread the word about this new HRC site. We hope all of our loyal readers will help us spread the news that the original haunt reviewers of MD are alive and well and ready for 2014! We are also starting to dabble in reviews of all things spooky! Movies, music and of course our beloved haunted attractions! This has definitely been a rebuilding year already but it's definitely been worth it. Haunt Review Crew!

We will be posting more as the season gets closer. We are already just a little over a month away from our 1st review. Have a great rest of your summer and the HRC will see you all soon!