Bedlam in the Boro

The Haunt Review Crew took in Bedlam in the Boro on Saturday, October 21st. Bedlam is a fundraiser put on by the Lineboro Volunteer Fire Department in Lineboro MD. They have 2 attractions, the House of Horror and the Terrifying Haunted Hayride. The actors at Bedlam are mostly teenagers, but do a great job. It’s nice to see them helping out at the local fire dept fundraiser.
Along with the 2 attractions there are midway carnival style games, midway creeps, food, and even a mechanical bullride.

Valley of Fear

On October 14 the Haunt Review Crew ventured to The Valley of Fear located in Feasterville PA, just outside of Philly. Valley of Fear has an amazing haunted hayride called ‘The Original Haunted Hayride.’ They also have the Operation Z Lockdown Zombie Escape Adventure, The Facility, and the Scarytales Haunted Forest Walk. Four great attractions in one location. And keep in mind this place is pretty big, so wear your comfy walking shoes and plan to stay a while. We encourage the VIP pass on the busiest nights, and to avoid long lines.

Pennhurst 2017 Review

Pennhurst has truly outdone itself.  With the new ownership that has had a year to implement its ideas (as well as money), it has paid off.  There were many high points regarding this night, but the two that stick out like a severed head on a pole are the ACTORS and CONTAINMENT.  

 Containment is the revamped tunnel that runs underground from one side of the courtyard to the other.  It’s barely recognizable compared to last year and it will leave patrons screaming out and wanting to go back in for more.  The new concept is mind blowing with improved set design.  The geniuses at Pennhurst designed the sets so well that we caught ourselves staring at the details long enough for one of the well hidden creepers to jump out and grab us while distracted.  Well played, young lady.  I won’t give away the theme for Containment but it’s very different in a wonderfully twisted way and continues through the whole tunnel; the tunnel that has been extended to get more bang for the buck. 

Some haunts have people jumping out to scare patrons.  Other haunts have actors.  My hats off to the cast at Pennhurst.  It’s easy to tell which haunts have people who are passionate about their roles and the Pennhurst crew nailed it.  Their hours of training before and constant refinement of their skills shows and it pays off.  People who are treated like family will work harder.  

Thank you Pennhurst for an unforgettable night. Thank you to Jim and the owners for the work hat was put in over the off season.  Keep it freaky!

The Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride in Glen Mills, PA

The Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride in Glen Mills, PA (just outside of Philadelphia, PA).......what else do we need to say!?!? This place is an HRC favorite, so we checked them out on Saturday, 10/7/17. Bates is a top haunted attraction, as rated by many reviewers, haunt industry publications, and television shows. And we totally see why! Bates has 3 main attractions; the Bates Motel, the Haunted Hayride, and Revenge of the Scarecrows Haunted Trail. In addition, there are coffin rides, escape rooms, great food, and awesome merchandise.

Screamland Farms

We have always had a good time at Screamland Farms and this year was no different!  It's been two seasons since we last visitedScreamland Farms and in those two years they have made some big changes... all for thebetter.  From the outside, the barn looks small so you think it's going to be a short walk through.  That is a complete facade.  As we went through we all started to wonder if it was ever going to end:-) 

Halls of Horror in Palmerton, PA

On September 30th the HRC ventured to a new place for us; Halls of Horror in Palmerton, PA. We decided to check out their ‘Blood Option’ attraction, and of course, we opted for.......the Blood Option. We changed into our white Blood Option t-shirts (included in the price of admission) and donned our goggles; ready for anything and it started in the line! They had this crazy clown that somehow got inside the claw game machine and began shooting us with a water gun.

Laurel’s House of Horror Review 2017

On Saturday, 9/23, the HRC returned to Laurel’s House of Horror (LHOH). This haunt is in an actual old movie theater, and uses that setting to their advantage. As you walk up, it seems unassuming; an almost friendly looking movie theater that time forgot. But as you walk up and look up at the marquee, it becomes clear; this going to get serious, as a 10’ tall demon stares down at the crowd. Entering the lobby, the old movie theater decor remains up, adding to the ambiance of the gory macabre decorations. It’s as if evil has taken over a place of family fun.

Field of Screams PA 2017

The HRC started our season with an annual tradition......Field of Screams (FOS) in Mountville PA. FOS is celebrating a quarter century of scares and cares this year! Wow, 25 years in the industry is a huge accomplishment, and well deserved for this great place. FOS continues this year with their 4 terrifying attractions; Den of Darkness, Frightmare Asylum, Haunted Hayride, and Nocturnal Wasteland. And don’t forget the midway games, food, music, and actors. Shoutout to Bonjo, Breezy, Momma, and all the midway actors that will chase down the scaredy-cats. They make the midway a 5th attraction.