Screamland Farms

We have always had a good time at Screamland Farms and this year was no different!  It's been two seasons since we last visitedScreamland Farms and in those two years they have made some big changes... all for thebetter.  From the outside, the barn looks small so you think it's going to be a short walk through.  That is a complete facade.  As we went through we all started to wonder if it was ever going to end:-)  They will touch you at this haunt.  A few times they got us to jump and scream & it wasn't because they touched us but, because it was so dark and we couldn't see them. There were hands suddenly coming out of walls in a small area where you couldn't move to get away.  They had some very unique scenes in this haunt that we have never seen before.  The makeup job on some of the actors was just crazy.  We actually stopped because of (the nun) in the one scene and it's amazing to know that she did that makeup job herself.  By the time we were out of there we didn't know what to expect anymore.  Like most haunts they had the classic chainsaws at the end. We did see the chainsasaw clowns chase a girl all the way to the hayride!!! Yes, they WILL chase you.
 The hayride was a lot of fun too.  They have actual school bus seats on the wagon which we have never scene before.  It made for a very comfy ride and their hayride is long so it was nice.  The only not so good thing with the seats was that when there was a scene at ground level on the opposite side it was hard to see what was going on.  There was so much going on both in the wagon and on both sides of the wagon that usually it wasn't a problem.  The actors did a great job being in character.  We loved the circus scene and you knew the actors were enjoying what they were doing.  Seeing a Christmas themed scene during the hayride was new for us & we loved it. .  The details in the scene were awesome.  Their admission price is decent whether you go through one haunt or both and so worth it in our opinion.


They also had two other things you could do while there that have no actors coming out at you to scare you.  They have a five minute escape room where the goal is to find all 9 large puzzle pieces hidden in the room and to get the puzzle put together before time runs out.  That room was no joke!  With the three of us in there we got six of the pieces put together.  We were pretty sure we knew where the other pieces were but couldn't figure out how to get to them in time.  We still had a blast though.  Then there was the zombie paintball.  Who doesn't like to shoot zombies...  Some of the actors were having a lot of fun out there even though they were there to be shot at.  They made it even more entertaining.

Overall it was a great time and everyone should go check it out for themselves.