Pennhurst 2017 Review

Pennhurst has truly outdone itself.  With the new ownership that has had a year to implement its ideas (as well as money), it has paid off.  There were many high points regarding this night, but the two that stick out like a severed head on a pole are the ACTORS and CONTAINMENT.  

 Containment is the revamped tunnel that runs underground from one side of the courtyard to the other.  It’s barely recognizable compared to last year and it will leave patrons screaming out and wanting to go back in for more.  The new concept is mind blowing with improved set design.  The geniuses at Pennhurst designed the sets so well that we caught ourselves staring at the details long enough for one of the well hidden creepers to jump out and grab us while distracted.  Well played, young lady.  I won’t give away the theme for Containment but it’s very different in a wonderfully twisted way and continues through the whole tunnel; the tunnel that has been extended to get more bang for the buck. 

Some haunts have people jumping out to scare patrons.  Other haunts have actors.  My hats off to the cast at Pennhurst.  It’s easy to tell which haunts have people who are passionate about their roles and the Pennhurst crew nailed it.  Their hours of training before and constant refinement of their skills shows and it pays off.  People who are treated like family will work harder.  

Thank you Pennhurst for an unforgettable night. Thank you to Jim and the owners for the work hat was put in over the off season.  Keep it freaky!