Valley of Fear

On October 14 the Haunt Review Crew ventured to The Valley of Fear located in Feasterville PA, just outside of Philly. Valley of Fear has an amazing haunted hayride called ‘The Original Haunted Hayride.’ They also have the Operation Z Lockdown Zombie Escape Adventure, The Facility, and the Scarytales Haunted Forest Walk. Four great attractions in one location. And keep in mind this place is pretty big, so wear your comfy walking shoes and plan to stay a while. We encourage the VIP pass on the busiest nights, and to avoid long lines.

While Valley of Fear has some great scare factors, they are also family friendly and want everyone to have a good time. On the hayride most of the customers sit on the edge with their legs dangling off. This gives the feel of being immersed in the adventure. The actors will not purposefully touch you, but they will get in your personal space and make an effort to make you as uncomfortable as possible. While we do love sitting on the edge of the hayride, it does sometimes make it a little more difficult to see the scenes on the opposite side from where you’re sitting. That being said, the middle of the hayride may be your best location to enjoy the full affect of all the scenes. The hayride is filled with crazy clowns, hungry zombies, freakish circus characters, and many more. One of our favorite scenes was the twisted toybox; The toys have come out to play!

The Facility (Biohazard) Extreme Zombie Maze is filled with genetically engineered super zombies. There are some intensely dark areas so if you’re afraid of the dark be forewarned. Zombies were all over the facility, lurking to devour your brains. We were lucky to escape intact, but will you be so lucky?

Scarytales Haunted Forest Walk was our unanimous favorite, of the four attractions. At the beginning of Scarytales Rumplstiltskin riddles you and sends you on your way through various doorways. But where will these doorways lead, and who will you find on the other side? Let’s just say your favorite childhood fairytales and movies have gone mad! You might find a witch, a voodoo doctor, the Madd Hatter, The Tweedles, and so many others. Although it is a dimly lit trail through the woods, take some time to notice the details of these characters. Many of them have Hollywood quality make up and costumes that make them stand out; not to mention their great character voices. You will truly feel as if you are in some of your favorite stories; although you may question if you will ever view those stories the same again.

This year Operation Z was a great combination of escape rooms and zombie paintball. Before you get to the zombie paintball shooting stations your team has to unlock the clues in several rooms. Each group is broken down into two special forces teams (Team Alpha & Team Delta).These teams race against one another to make it to the paintball stations first. We found this to be a totally unique spin on zombie paintball. It was really fun working to figure out the clues in the rooms and then racing to man our paintball guns. We’re pretty sure our team killed our zombie first!

While we did not partake of the yummy treats this year, we do want to mention that Valley of Fear has always had some of the best food and sweet treats around. Yummy thick cheeseburgers, funnel cake, hotdogs, & Smore’s making kits (and a bonfire to make them over). Make sure you work up your appetite as you venture through all four heart pounding attractions.

There’s also live music and a caricature artist. So grab your food, sit and enjoy the music, then get a caricature portrait done!