Halls of Horror in Palmerton, PA

On September 30th the HRC ventured to a new place for us; Halls of Horror in Palmerton, PA. We decided to check out their ‘Blood Option’ attraction, and of course, we opted for.......the Blood Option. We changed into our white Blood Option t-shirts (included in the price of admission) and donned our goggles; ready for anything and it started in the line! They had this crazy clown that somehow got inside the claw game machine and began shooting us with a water gun.

Upon entering, we knew we were in for some crazy stuff. That’s an understatement!!! This place is next level, and we mean NEXT level! It was like being trapped inside a freaky nightmare. From the very first scene, one of our members was pinned against the wall and ‘caressed.’ The actors were great at just coming out of nowhere. They seemed to be having as much fun, or more, than we were. The characters were unique; there was Pigman, Mr. Touchy Feely, Dr. Zero and many more!

Then there was sensory overload, from visual to sounds to smells and then there was touch.......eeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwweeeeeee!!!
They made sure the smells and feels were totally gross. At some points we couldn’t imagine smells that bad, being fake. They had to be real! We knew they were fake, but in the moment our brains had trouble believing they were actually fake.

Without giving away the scenes, Blood is not the only interactive option here. We were basted, shaved, sundaed, and much much more. This is a hardcore, messy, adult attraction! Bring your fears, sense of humor, old clothes, and baby wipes. Leave your feelings, good clothes, and kids at home! You will sign a waiver and there is mature/offensive language. If you are not a hardcore haunt/Halloween fan, then do NOT go to the Halls. If you start counting down for the next haunt season the day after Halloween, then this is for you!!!!