Field of Screams PA 2017

The HRC started our season with an annual tradition......Field of Screams (FOS) in Mountville PA. FOS is celebrating a quarter century of scares and cares this year! Wow, 25 years in the industry is a huge accomplishment, and well deserved for this great place. FOS continues this year with their 4 terrifying attractions; Den of Darkness, Frightmare Asylum, Haunted Hayride, and Nocturnal Wasteland. And don’t forget the midway games, food, music, and actors. Shoutout to Bonjo, Breezy, Momma, and all the midway actors that will chase down the scaredy-cats. They make the midway a 5th attraction.

For their 25th year FOS really stepped up the ‘in your face’ factor. You’re forced to interact, physically; you have to squeeze past things, crawl over things, move things, and sometimes things will invade your personal space. This year they have added a huge amount to the Nocturnal Wasteland. We love how it is geared towards physical fears like height, touch, texture, falling, and even claustrophobia. They made this walkthrough attraction standout with atmosphere; in this case fewer actors made the attraction a hit. Although the junior of all 4 attractions, the Wasteland now stands toe-to-toe with its big brothers, the Den, Asylum, & Hayride. And, Nocturnal took top prize as the best attraction at FOS this year!!!

As always, FOS finds ways, year after year, to change up all of their attractions. This is part of their longevity. Each year we think we know what to expect in each attraction, but each year we are surprised. This reflects the true passion of the owners and, over 450, volunteer actors.

The Haunted Hayride is intense, from start to finish. They have every weirdo, zombie, giant creature, and demented character you can think of. If it’s a fear, you will find it here. FOS has their own extra large Hayride wagons, specially made to give tons of customers scares and keep the crowd moving, without making them feel rushed.

Of course the Den and Asylum always hold their own. Creepy darkness, actors lurking in strategic locations, and visual illusions that make you wonder what’s real & what’s not. If you don’t like it, we guarantee you’ll find it in the Den or the Asylum......or both!!!

This year take notice of the unique, in-house laser cut metal work, immortalizing characters like Bonjo and creating ‘FOS’ symbols used throughout the attractions. Huge shoutout to their craftsman, Stacks!! His work makes FOS pop with character.

Keep in mind it’s their 25th year, so they have a special treat for the true haunt connoisseur. The Behind the Screams Limited Edition 25 Year Anniversary Package. Not only do you get the VIP scream pass upgrade, but a behind the Screams tour, opportunities to scare other customers, and several 25th anniversary commemorative items. Trust us, it’s so worth it!!! It gives you another level of appreciation and respect for what goes into running a large, incredibly successful haunted attraction.

And don’t forget, FOS is more. They will have nightly entertainment on the stage, including competitions like Battle of the Bands, a local high school dance team, and a Rap Battle. And if you have small children, go check out Corn Cob Acres. This is a great daytime field of fun with over 40 unique kid friendly activities. The young-at-heart will enjoy, as well.

If you dare, come back for FOS annual Extreme Blackout event. For 1 night only, experience FOS at its scariest. Sign a waiver and be prepared, because everything goes!!!! Make sure to wear your Depends!

Then FOS will host their 5th annual Zombie Fun Run 5k. You can be a runner, a zombie, run day, or run night. This is just 1 way FOS cares; the Zombie Fun Run benefits the PA Breast Cancer Coalition.

FOS stays at the top of lists of best haunted attractions, year after year. The passion and love for the art really shines in everyone that’s a part of FOS. Go find out why they are always crowded and what the hype is all about. Before you go, check their website for the events schedule, dates, hours, & prices. And definitely consider upgrading to the VIP to skip the long lines. Tickets can be purchased on their website.

When you go, tell them the HRC sent you.