Bedlam in the Boro

The Haunt Review Crew took in Bedlam in the Boro on Saturday, October 21st. Bedlam is a fundraiser put on by the Lineboro Volunteer Fire Department in Lineboro MD. They have 2 attractions, the House of Horror and the Terrifying Haunted Hayride. The actors at Bedlam are mostly teenagers, but do a great job. It’s nice to see them helping out at the local fire dept fundraiser.
Along with the 2 attractions there are midway carnival style games, midway creeps, food, and even a mechanical bullride.

Bedlam is pretty family friendly. They have a 3 mile long Hayride, that takes you through the town, down dark roads, to remote scenes. The scenes are set up in private yards and driveways, because the community loves getting involved and helping out with this event. There are about 10 scenes spaced out on this ride, and each scene is mobile. So every year the fire dept takes them out to their temporary locations, then hauls them back to the fire dept at the end of the season.

The House of Horror is 3200 square feet of creepiness. Characters were well placed and lighting made it very difficult to figure out who was real and who wasn’t. There was even a great creepy crawly creatures room, that gave at least 1 of us the “creepy crawlies.” While we said family friendly, we will admit some younger kids (under 12) may not do well in the House.

Bedlam in the Boro has continued to grow over the years, and we were pleasantly surprised. Keep this fundraiser attraction in mind, for great family fun. And while there, make sure you get some food and baked goods in the firehouse (until 9pm), or pit beef & other yummy options over near the attraction entrances.