Laurel’s House of Horror Review 2017

On Saturday, 9/23, the HRC returned to Laurel’s House of Horror (LHOH). This haunt is in an actual old movie theater, and uses that setting to their advantage. As you walk up, it seems unassuming; an almost friendly looking movie theater that time forgot. But as you walk up and look up at the marquee, it becomes clear; this going to get serious, as a 10’ tall demon stares down at the crowd. Entering the lobby, the old movie theater decor remains up, adding to the ambiance of the gory macabre decorations. It’s as if evil has taken over a place of family fun.

From the outside it is so deceiving. You think, oh this will be a quick haunt.......wrong!!! This place keeps going like the Energizer Bunny. They use the space very well. You start to wonder, when is this going to end. Even though you never go up or down any significant stairs, somehow you end up exiting the haunt on a lower level than the entrance. And in the dark creepiness, you never realize how you got to the lower level.

LHOH gives you lots of great scenes and actors strategically placed. The scenes allowed for use of less actors. Many of the scenes were so well done we were sure someone was going to jump out, but no need......they still creeped us out. Then when we let our guard down.....GOTCHA!! The dimly lit scenes confuse you, as you struggle to figure out what is real and what is not. Too many actors would have ruined the effect.

The super talented creative team has poured their blood and sweat into the details that make each scene distinct and identifiable. Bloody body parts, a sickeningly disgusting kitchen sink, an actual movie theater scene, a gruesome funeral, a creepy swamp, and so much more.

Although it was so much longer than expected, at the end we didn’t want it to be over. That’s when you know a haunt is good, though. It leaves you wanting more.

Keep in mind LHOH also has some fantastic escape rooms, too. If you’re going, make it a double feature, and we hope you can escape!! The same creative team has also done a phenomenal job with the escape rooms and puzzles in each scene. You won’t be disappointed!! We suggest you make escape room reservations and buy you haunt tickets online at the same time.

Once again, the HRC had a fantastic time at Laurel’s House of Horror