Chesapeake Woods Massacre 2014

Every year the HRC goes to a variety of attractions in several states. We often like to be sure to patronize places who scare for the love of it, and who raise money for a good cause. Chesapeake Woods Massacre in Chesapeake City MD does both. The actors are not paid. They come each year and set up the walking trail (about a mile long) and sometimes spend their own money to help make it a success. The profits go to the volunteer fire department. There is a small budget each year allotted  to their show. There is a small concession stand where you get your tickets. $10 for the trail. You walk to a large bonfire area to wait. They had movies playing while we waited also. They let two groups in at a time. There is a guide to show you the way but rest assured they still can't be trusted. Our guide was old grumpy. He stayed in character the whole time. There were parts of this trail that were so dark, we couldn't see our hands in front of our faces!! All of us almost walked straight into a creek. It was hilarious. The make up on the actors was very realistic. Some of the best we've seen. The scares were all along the trail from various dark places. Our favorite scene by far was the twisted doctor eating intestines. Another cool twist was making us escape a scene like walking dead. The zombies did a great job! Since this is a fundraiser event we won't be giving them a grade. It doesn't seem fair to compare and compete with our larger scaled haunts. This is the kind of place you can bring your family and have a great time getting into the Halloween spirit. Go check it out and tell them we sent you.