Camp Spookynaw

Camp Spookynaw  in Oxford, PA! What a pleasant surprise?! This is their first year as a haunted attraction. Usually this is a fully functioning camp for kids. In October it is now grounds to scare the family. We loved the theme, dragons, and witches and warlocks, O MY! They send you off on a mission from the start and unlike some haunted attractions, they stay with their theme all the way through. The scares are classic and not gruesome. They had levitating bodies, fire breathing dragons, and singing pumpkins too. The spider in the first room was the best one we have ever seen. The technology in this place is a 12 out of 10 easily. They had hologram ghosts! Insane. So neat. They had props we thought were stationary and then boom, they gotcha. This being a first year haunt has us so excited. We see many great things for this place. They use the rooms they have very well. The doctor in the infirmary could have been a little more convincing, but most of the actors were extremely in character. The man in the dragon scene at the end (wearing a viking hat I believe) was so funny and entertaining. We really enjoyed ourselves and liked that you could bring the kids too. They also have a code word if you have kids with you and want the show tuned down. The actors can switch it up on the fly. That is a unique and great feature. This place was hard to rate because it was impossible to compare it to the haunts intended for mature audiences. We didn't feel right about grading it against them, so we won't. The technology here is worth coming out even if you are use to the typical chain saw scare houses. Great job camp Spookynaw. We are so excited to see what you come up with next.