Shocktoberfest 2014

The Haunt Review Crew visited the cutting edge haunt located in Sinking Springs PA, Shocktoberfest! They offer several different pricing packages depending on what you want to experience. Some unique options include tickets to shoot the zombies on their hayride with paintball guns, and also you can be made into a zombie yourself and scare people!!! We've never seen the latter offered so that was pretty neat. You can also do their zombie run. You actually run through the attraction running from zombies! We did 3 shows that night. First we did the Unknown. It is a Steam punk themed show. This was the attraction last year that got national attention due to their naked and afraid challenge. This year you can do the Unknown "almost naked" in your skivvies or fully clothed. We didn't want to scare the actors so we stayed in our haunt review crew gear. They hit the nail on the head with this. Perfectly executed steam punk and all of your fears into one. Awesome 3D, and videos throughout. They had actors in perfect timing with scaring us. Use of air compressors was insane. The hydrophobia area was fantastic. There were so many well done sets in there that we cannot even remember them all. The 2nd attraction we did was The Prison. This place, we could go on literally all day long about this attraction. Built 100% from the ground up. They spared no expense and details designing this. They had skeletons and bones carved into the building itself. The actors in here didn't know they were acting. They actually believe they're the former prisoners and guards of this demented place. The actors interacted with guests perfectly and never once broke character. They kept coming at us all throughout. This attraction alone is over 50,000 sq ft. They could open only the prison and be amazing. The mazes and tangles and different sets were really cool. We are suckers for the old bus scenes. The last attraction we visited was their hayride. There were some very cool sets in this hayride. They had a few scenes with incredible build up but no scares where we would expect them. It was one of their first nights running for 2014, but it seemed that many actors were missing. The hayride in comparison to the other 2 attractions was just not up to snuff. There is great potential here. The other attractions are near perfection. We hope to see some improvements made on the efficiency and scares of the hayride in years to come. They have a few snack and food choices. We all sampled the food truck. Typical fried foods, nothing unique other than the perogies. They do have a huge candy bar and cider and drinks area on the way to the hayride and prison. That is worth a gander. The waiting area for the prison and hayride is shared. There was a DJ playing music as you wait. We made good use of our time by dancing. Overall we had a great time. We agreed the first two attractions were the scariest. We had some trouble rating Shocktoberfest overall because if only the first two attractions existed it would easily be a 10. However we grade on an over all level. So considering all 3 events we rated it a 9! With improvements made it will easily be a 10. We also know it can take a few weeks of being open to gel. The value for what you get is great. We recommend going early in the season or buying speed passes. This place was featured on a list of must visit haunts, and we agree! So its going to get even busier. Please go check this place out and tell us what you think! We had a great time and wish Shocktoberfest a great 2014 season.