Frightland 2014

The HRC traveled to Delaware's Frightland to check out their 8 attractions. The first 4 are separate indoor attractions: The Manor,The Attic, The Haunted Barn, and The Prison. The last 4 are outdoors. You start with their hayride and the others flow along from the hayride exit.
To have 8 attractions, and all of them be entertaining, is quite an accomplishment. We saw some unique scenes here. The hayride had the most vivid plane crash scene ever. They had a devilishly good scene in there too! Hydraulics added a nice surprise as we rolled along. They had a crazy door prop that was a really neat thing to experience; it was 4D! The saloon scene along the outdoor show was really neat. Overall, the walk through portions didn't provide as many "gotchas" as the indoor ones. It seemed like there were fewer people than needed. Our advice would be, maybe split some groups of actors up or spread the scares more evenly so that you can keep the interest and mood there. We loved that the actors are so in character and seem to love what they do. The attic was pitch black at times and offered many twists and turns to confuse your senses. The barn had a creepy creature we will refer to as "tickle tickle." The manor was, by far, our favorite of all 8 attractions. Apparently there weren't as many actors in there as we thought, but this is where skill comes into play. The folks in there were on point and gave great bang for the buck. They spread out scares so the front, middle, and back of the group had equal scares. They were good at giving you a false sense of security and then, boom, they went in for the kill. It was really awesome! The prison seemed like the shortest of the indoor shows but still had a lot to offer. The bus was a cool feature.
Most of their actors are new to Frightland and are learning to collaborate and gel as a team. We expect great things from them; this is their 18th year. In general, we feel like Frightland is a must do this season. They have something for everyone. If you have a group of people and want something to do that will last all evening, and be worth the $, go here. As far as value goes, this place is #1. You can't beat it. They have amusement park rides midway through end of season, as well. If you go, plan on a full fun night. We recommend the VIP tickets, especially if you're coming from far away places. We wouldn't want you to not finish them all. They have a few food choices too, ranging from carnival favorites to a snack shop with some of the best roast beef sandwiches we've had! Their gift shop is really nice as well. Tax free merch is a bonus!! For value they get a 10, for being scary this year is 8.75; beef up the outdoor show and you will kill the competition. Such an awesome job by the Frightland crew. Keep up the good work. We look forward to watching you expand and grow with the new monsters.