Halloween Park 2014

HRC visited Halloween Park in Strinestown PA. They have 3 attractions. Previously Halloween Park was the only interactive haunt around. They've redesigned the entire place for 2014. It was so creepy!!! The first thing we did was Creekside Manor, the sets in here weren't just props placed around rooms. They were designed and decorated to the perfect T. It was creepy. There were flares of technology and surprises for everyone in our group. It was truly an experience. The acting in there is some of the best we've ever seen. The 2 guys in the institution, you are amazing actors! Their outdoor scenes were so realistic we couldn't tell if we were still in the building. Leaving the manor you go to the island. It is a walk through in a very dark wooded area. All we had between 9 of us was a little lantern. The actors here are smart; they wait for us to get in perfect places to pop out. They interacted with us but stayed in perfect character. We walk into an old town scene, at first we saw someone lurking in the shadows and then just like that they would disappear. Had a few scares along the island's trail, but they could use some more props or actors or combination of both out there. There was a bit of downtime at one point where we werent sure if we had wandered from the trail. The final attraction was Terror behind the walls. Their classic dark maze of fear. We wandered the halls getting surprises and a few "gotchas" for a while. The ghouls in there would direct us the wrong way and then trap us to scare. It isn't yet the caliber their original Terror behind the walls was, but it has the potential to be.  Overall we had a great time. As far as value goes its a very good deal. They have free sideshow stuff to do as well. There is a small concession stand with nice folks offering hot dogs and snacks. The feedback we have for HP would be keep those great actors and recruit a few more! The trail could definitely  use some more gotchas. Decor is 12/10. Very great job at setting the tone. Overall for all 3 attractions, scares, and show Halloween Park got an 8 this year! Thank you Halloween park for a fun night.