Screamland Farms 2014

The HRC had the privilege of reviewing Screamland Farms on their first dress rehearsal! This attraction is located in Frederick MD, and is perhaps Maryland's best kept secret of an amazing haunt!! For $27 they offer 3 attractions. The barn of Bedlam, the Hayride of Horrors, and Corrupted Corn. The first attraction we did was the scariest of the 3. The Barn! The swamp scene was one of the most well done swamp scenes we've seen. Some places leave areas exposed so you can see the walls behind it. Not here. They made every inch of the room look like a swamp. Very believable. There were many great rooms in the barn. They have incredible attention to detail here. Some rooms to mention, The bath tub scene was incredible. The room where you must crawl under the bed, the room of bodies and the insane butcher shooting sparks and amazing the guests as they go by. The corn maze was authentic. They do not plow out a large space for you to walk. it was a legit maze. Forcing you most of the time into single file lines. Mama Hillbilly , creeping crawling man, scary school bus, and going through a port o potty into the toxic waste some key scenes to note. We loved the twists and turns in the corn. The Hayride is an old school hayride. It is way back into the property. They had very good scenes along the way. There was a lot of time in between scenes where it would lose momentum, but once it got to each scene they picked it up. The clown scene we thought was a building it wasn't until we got into it we realized how it was made. Very cool. We loved the man made props. insane floating spiders and giant saws flying at you. Memorable skit was the slasher films teaming up for your worst Hollywood nightmare. What sets them a part from Evey other place we've seen do this? The actors became the characters. From Freddy's voice, to Jason and Michaels demeanor and mannerisms. Very great work. Overall, screamland farms did best at mazes and right spaces. Their work in the barn and the corn maze creating confusion was brilliant. The farm it self at night added to the creepy ambiance. They really take pride here and it shows. They are not a major large attraction... yet. So we graded them based on what we've seen in MD and smaller less well known local haunts. This place is definitely worth a ride out! Very well done. Screamland Farms earned a 9 out of 10.  We are very excited to see what they come up with next,  especially considering it was night !!!