The curse of Frau Mueller 2014

HRC traveled to DC, to review Gravensteen Production's The curse of Frau Mueller. This is in a very large warehouse. Sadly it is probably their last Time in this location. It was perfect too. Apparently the owner of the building is considering selling it. The show was really neat. 50,000 square feet of creepy! The zombies in there were very convincing. The first floor of the attraction was creepy as far as setting goes. Not as many scares as expected. There was a lot of detail put into this. Upstairs has more scares. The chick in the rocking chair almost gave us a heart attack. The actors stayed in character and really went out of their way to make you uncomfortable.  Could have done without the screaming every single time someone jumped out. They have a lot of space and could absolutely thrive on scenes being a little longer with more dialogue. We loved that the trail was nice and wide. In some places you can anticipate where a scare is coming from. In here its not as easy because its such a large area you're seeing all at once. They also do a great job of staggering groups so you're not smushed into another group ahead of you. Well, unless you're a chicken and run into the group ahead. The clown room was very creepy. One clown gave us a shock, she looked fake. Some of our members recommended a build up before letting groups go through. Maybe tell a back story of the name of the place etc.  Overall it was a great time. Closing the gaps on the scares in the first floor scenes and using a little more back story and sound effects could have this place even more terrifying. Overall The Curse of Frau Mueller earned an 8 out of 10! Keep up the great work, DC needs a great haunt!