Legends of the Fog 2014

The HRC went back to Legends of the Fog in late October for a review. We went in August (check out the video and write-up on our site) to see what was happening behind the scenes. This is a hard working haunt for sure. The first attraction we started with was the Freak Show/Circus tent. They had some crazy freaks in there. Clowns, a lady on a flying trapeze with no legs, and plenty of Fog! The mazes were incredible. The snake and snake charmer get an A+.The woman in the top hat who showed us inside was a very good actress we must say! The changes made to this particular piece were perfect. We laughed and jumped and enjoyed.  We headed to the hayride for part 2 of their show. The hayride is long, which is nice. There are plenty of scenes to entertain. We miss the speakers actually being on the wagon, but they still pulled it off. We loved the addition of the wolf in the junkyard area. That thing was bad! The actors gotcha in areas where you wouldn't expect it. The voice work was amazing as well. We thought some of the actors were using machines, that is how good they were. The dude who walks through the swamp may be our hero. He was relentless with coming back onto the wagon. Great work! Frost bite didnt disappoint! Showed up to a crazy heavy metal track and completed the experience with sharing some of himself with the group. HAHA. The hayride was good. Not the best we've ever seen it. A few spots could use some help with adding actors, and maybe figuring out a way to enclose the wagon in scenes. There was also a few spots where a prop failed but that is just the nature of the beast with those things. The last attraction was Carsins Manor, they've expanded in a big way. There is now a large permanent structure where they have added so much detail it is insane. The first room sets the tone, for the show. So creepy and so much detail. This place left us confused. We went through in 2 groups because we were so large, and still managed to see different rooms and parts of the show. We encountered a contortionist, a creepy bald doll, rooms with more doors than options, and plenty of "gotcha"moments. They did a wonderful job in there! We don't want to give away their tricks so all I can say is go if you haven't yet. Overall, they scared, confused (darn mazes) and entertained us. The fog was just ridiculous, the video before the hayride was perfect. The actors stayed 100% in character and made us feel a part of the show. It was a great time. We have gone to every major and most smaller haunts in MD over the years. We can tell you with confidence, Legends of the Fog is the best in Maryland! We have reviewed several in MD this year alone that are on their tail, but as of right now, there is NO ONE better than Legends in MD. Congrats Legends, this year you've earned a 9 out of 10!!! Keep up the hard work.