301 Devil's Playground

301 Devil's Playground located in Galena MD was a pleasant surprise for us this year. They are only in their 2nd year of operation and definitely in this to make a name for themselves. There are 3 attractions to attend. We went late in the season and got a Hell pass, which is their speed pass; definitely worth it on busy nights. This really helped us keep it moving. There was a few minute wait for the House of Hell but other than that the Hell pass was very quick.

 The first thing we did was the Barn of Torture. That place was intense. The animatronics in here are not rookie products. Some of the best we've seen. The actors had excellent timing and hid very well. We didn't feel like they forgot the middle or back of our group. Sometimes haunts only provide scares to the folks at the front. Definitely not the case. The scenes were so unique. We loved that we haven't see these everywhere. The next attraction we did was the Zombie paintball. With their authentic armed vehicles and amazing hosts (believe ours was Ron) you stay so hyped up to kill zombies. The use of lighting really accentuates the experience too. They also strongly encourage you use all your ammo. They stop several times for reload. REALLY HARD TO RUN OUT HERE. It could use a few more zombies back there but honestly this place was our favorite paintball experience of 2016. Last on our list was the House of Hell. Totally saved the best for last. This one plays no games. Scares were coming from every single direction. The giant hand was really unexpected. The actors were so in character that it was hard for a second to remember it was just a haunted attraction. Some of the make up was down right hideous. So well done. This place accomplished much for being a new haunt. The fact they mask the hydraulics for the animatronics was awesome. Lead the props to be more believable. This place is on a farm. There is a lot of room here to expand. They have a little concession area and a merch shop. There is also a highly entertaining, slightly offensive and extra creepy dummy near the House of Hell. Yes, you read correctly. A dummy. Hilariously awful. His name is either "Bite me Bill" or "Biting Bill" either one is pretty appropriate. HA. You will need to go and see what we mean.
If you skip this in 2017, you will surely be sorry. It is going to be very interesting to see what the future will bring for Maryland's newest go-to haunt. Definitely scary and fun. Go and tell them that the Haunt Review Crew sent you!