Hotel of Horror

On Halloween night a couple HRC members ventured to Hotel of Horror in Saylorsburg, PA. As always, this place does not disappoint.  Altered Nightmares & the Hotel of Horror will keep you on edge from start to finish.  The 3rd attraction, The Exhibition Macabre, is a museum of the strange and unusual; medical, dental, funeral, asylum, & penitentiary.  They display actual antiques, photos, & artifacts from these many specialties.  While the HRC didn't take in the museum this time, we do highly recommend it for anyone in any of these professions, or anyone interested in unusual history.

First we ventured to Altered Nightmares.  Altered Nightmares is the perfect name of this hideous attraction.  If you have ever had nightmares, we guarantee you will find something from your nightmares right here!  And if you think you can escape without being terrified, you are sadly mistaken. The actors are top notch; they will find you, and they will scare the crap out of you! Just walking through this old lake hotel is creepy, but then add actors with intense timing, and you've got the perfect recipe for a great haunted attraction.  

Next we entered the Hotel of Horror, where medical madness has taken over.  We were greeted by the mad doctor, then sent on to meet medical monstrosities, witch doctors, voodoo priests, mad nurses, deranged patients, and the Abomination; a deformed creature that was once a human.  The Abomination was infected with a devilish plague, and now he's kept at the Hotel for experimentation & observation.  Again, the actor timing here is spot-on.  You aren't safe, no matter where you are in your group; front, middle, back.......they will find you, and they will creep you out!! 

This is HRC's 3rd trip to the Hotel of Horror, and we don't know how they do it, but they scare us every time!!! The actors, makeup, scenes, & themes are all well thought out, detailed, and just crazy!!! The actors give a theatrical performance that rivals a horror movie and gets in your head.  That's taking it to the next level, with very few animatronics, but just plain creepy characters and a creepy location. 

As the 2016 haunt season comes to an end, we want to encourage you to take an adventure next season; make Hotel of Horror a must see.  It is well worth the trip, and please tell them the Haunt Review Crew sent you