Twistback Manor

Greetings readers! It is with great pleasure we tell you all about Twistback Manor. A brand new haunt located in Oxford PA. They are a one attraction with a big impact show. This is a fundraiser to maintain the manor and grounds. A huge act of passion and love for both the restoration of the place and terrifying patrons. This place was refreshing for us for so many reasons. There are so many different types of places we go to in a year. To see a haunt in its first season is always cool because it allows us the chance to watch it grow and change.

 We went inside and outside, and through wooded areas all along the manor. The actors are volunteers, yet they're some of the best actors, screamers and entertainers we've seen all season long. On this night there were roughly 18-23 actors and yet somehow they made it seem like there were 100. No lie, the surprises were relentless in here. They used old school classic haunt tricks mixed with homemade props, and scenes. It was the kind of place that takes you back to the basics. When it wasn't all about how many people they could squeeze through in a night. They take their work seriously. They only allow 1 group through at a time, as they grow they will probably need to find a way to speed that up, but for now it works. They create an individualized show for every group. They listen to our comments, and interact. It was very impressive for a 1st year open. The only regret we have is we couldn't get out there sooner in the season. Now you will all have to wait for 2017 to go give them a try. Honestly it is so worth your time and money to make that visit. You can take kids maybe 10 and up, or a little younger depending on the kid. Parents know what their kids can handle. In saying that it is appropriate for a fun family night out, make no mistake, it is still a scary place and it will surprise adults too. We really cant say enough about how much fun this place was.

Hope you will give them a chance in 2017 and let us know what you think. We hope to get out there next year too, because places like this are ever changing and always working on the next big idea.