Panic at the Ballpark York, PA

On 10/1, a couple of the HRC members visited Panic at the Ballpark; a first year haunted attraction in York, PA housed in The York Revolution baseball stadium. We look at most debut attractions as novice and try not to compare them to more seasoned haunts. Our focus is more on the theme and what the future holds.

This was the first haunted attraction we’ve visited that made their theme congruent with their unique location;  the theme was centered around a deranged baseball player. There was a well produced video that gave the details of the how the baseball player became deranged. We were then taken on a tour where we got to see cool parts of the stadium; many the public never gets to see.  Along the tour we saw some interesting scenes and our tour guide gave more details about the story. There were a few dead spots which we are sure will be filled in next season. There was a section you walked through on your own…this had some CRAZY scenes filled with awesome actors!!!!  We saw some impressive hand build props. J To the actor, you should be very proud of your hard work. Overall, this attraction was more fun, than scary…..but, it won’t take much to make this a hardcore creepy attraction in the years to come.  

As with most new attractions there will be a learning curve for the owners, builders, & actors. From what we could see, this place has great potential. There’s plenty of space to use and some talented prop builders.  The deranged baseball player theme is a great idea that should play well as it is developed. We look forward to seeing them grown this attraction in the coming years.