OC Screams in Ocean City MD

The HRC hit OC Screams, 1 of 3 haunts in the region run by Steelhead events and productions. This is their freshman season in this location. Located right by the Atlantic Ocean in Ocean City MD. The theme runs perfectly for the location. Straight out of Ghost Ship. The creepy nautical props begin immediately. They have some gruesome scenes in this 2 floor haunt. The most shocking comes while you're distracted by maneuvering their ever changing floors. The layout is done well, some of the scenes have human props that appear very real. Several occasions...they were. HA. The actors and staff do a great job of not allowing the haunt to get overcrowded. They give each group a chance to enjoy and see it all. Something that is so appreciated.  They do have a very well lit staircase which I heard a few people complain about, however it is absolutely necessary for safety reasons; so yes it stinks because it takes you out of the story for a sec, but all is forgiven once you're on the second floor. That brings you to some serious sharks, and other treachery. The haunt itself is short, but it appears they have room to expand. We have high hopes for what they will accomplish once in that building a few seasons. All in all, it is too short to recommend driving hours to do, however if you're not too far from it, or are in OC to enjoy the beach, and you love to be entertained and visit haunts, then this is a must do. Nice job OC Screams. Way to bring the terror to the beach!