Legends of the Fog

Greetings friends! We just left Legends of the Fog and wanted to share our experience. LoTF was one of our first major haunts in MD,and they've really expanded over the last few years. This year they have 4 attractions. The first stop is the former Carsin's Manor, now called the Farewell Hotel. The greeter had great makeup, and did a nice job explaining the rules and setting the tone. The receptionist was first up and easily one of the best actors in the building. The theme itself comes together nicely in their new concept. This year the focus in each attraction seems to be scene details. The rooms have some new props and decor. The actors played their scenes well, but it was not as in your face scary as years past. They have a great setup, so it will be cool to see where this building and actor development goes. After the hotel we went through the corn maze. We really enjoyed it. The atmosphere alone is creepy. This area isn't full of actors, there are a few, but this maze messes with your senses. It's so dark, the corn is so tall and the trails get you thrown off quickly. Though it isn't full of actors, those who are in there do a good job of not being seen until that perfect moment. They also help misguide you through so getting out can be tricky. We end up next in line for the Haunted hayride.
 They have changed the premise of the hayride this year. The battle last year between inferno and the well known Frost bite is dead. Both characters however, do make an appearance! The hayride starts with a video to set you up for the hayride. The video is actually quite good. We were ready for the hayride once it was over. The hayride has a few new scenes. One made us all go "wow" their redneck scene is now unlike any other redneck scene on a hayride. As you know if you're a haunter, there is a redneck scene in every single hayride you get on. It was nice to see something different! The hayride has quite a few very creatively designed scenes, a lot of opportunities to have surprise scares. There is a lot that can be done within this ride that is yet to be seen. It has some serious potential. We ventured last to the sinister circus. This circus was great. We all had a scare or two among the clowns inside. One even left us singing "Chop the wood." Creepy indeed. They've added some props and scene changes in the circus to keep that part of the show fresh as it grows yearly. We had an opportunity to chat with LOTF owner, and some folks in management. The next few seasons focus will be on bringing the terror to Harford County MD. This year they clearly focused on overhauling themes and adding new props, new actors and new scenes throughout all 4. They are really looking forward to turning their new actors into seasoned vets! Exciting things ahead for sure. This place is definitely the kind of haunt you can bring the older kids to, maybe 8/9 and up. They have an excellent midway area with entertainment, food and a huge bonfire. They are adding an end of season lights out weekend. Go to their website or Facebook page for full details on that. We've found when most places go full lights out, the scares get turned up. Let us know what you think!