The Bates Motel 2015 Review

Video review!

Bates motel and haunted hayride are celebrating their 25th year!! They've brought back some classic scares and surprises for folks who have followed them all along the duration of them running a show. It was very cool to see the new details they've added to the motel. Seriously state of the art handcrafted props. It is unbelievable the amount of specifically placed items all over. We had a hard time remembering to get into the mood of being scared and not stare intently at all of their hard work. The wall paper, the candles in their final room are amazing. Little things like this go such a long way. The hayride is by far the longest one ever. They added a lot there as well. We've never ever seen a flaming fiddle. All hayrides have that classic hillbilly scene but there's is truly a standout.
They have an asylum scene that is very realistic and detailed too. The only feedback we had was that common issue in busy haunts, the groups sometimes run together. It's hard to get the balance of not letting the group ahead ruin the scares to come and not slowing down so you're running someone else's.
Everything else about that place is amazing. We got really scared a few times. That trail leaves you wondering what is real and what isn't. Some of the best surprises we've seen. They have definitely stepped up their game for this special anniversary year. We really hope you'll go check them out and see if you can spot the oldie but goody classics they've brought back!