Legends of the Fog 2015 Review

2015 has brought some major changes to Legends of the Fog! They now have 4 attractions, bringing back their corn maze. The sinister circus is like something ripped right out of a creep show. The actors in there aren't out to jump out and yell boo at you. This is more of a take it all in and check out the unique scenery kind of place. The 2 headed lady is one of the creepiest things we've seen this year. The hayride has had some updates too. They have an all new theme which is hopefully going to be expanded upon. The intro gives a comic feel and had us comic nerds pumped for the rest of the ride. The Hayride it self has some very detailed scenes. We do not recommend sitting in the very front of the wagon close to the tractor. A few of us missed some things overhead that were great (we were told) bc the wagon rolled under the action. They had a few good scares and surprises with props. The corn maze was a great surprise. We didn't know they brought it back. The maze feels a lot bigger than it is. We had fun trying to get out. We also were not prepared for the few surprises in it too. The last attraction is by far their best! The manor kicked butt. They've added even more detail to the rooms and placed actors perfectly in there. The two ladies who greeted us in there were amazing! The rooms confused us and we had a few good scares trying to get out. The manor has a solid foundation and each year seems to get better! We really enjoyed our time there this year. If you have a family and want to bring kids 10 and up out to get scared and to not have overwhelming or offensive props, this is your best bet. Go and tell them HRC sent you!!