Pennhurst Asylum 2015 Review

The Haunt Review Crew checked out the show at Pennhurst Asylum on their opening weekend. We were not disappointed! The haunts that let us come up before they're really in their groove run the risk of not giving us their best; well, you would never know it at Pennhurst. What an amazing time! Their make up is horror movie quality and they have unique ghouls. This isn't the same stuff you see at every other haunted attraction. The attention to detail in their haunt is crazy.

The asylum was scary and set up well. The sets, and actors, are convincing. Props are real items, in most cases, and not just stock Halloween store stuff. The scenery in the tunnel and dungeon was indeed some of our favorite. They have a wild floor in the asylum and the tunnel landed us in a swamp. There are so many things they use to trick us; classic misdirection, lighting done just right, and whispers in the dark. We skipped this one last year, to give them a chance to change it up and let us forget the scenes, but honestly it was so so different; we could probably go next year and not recognize a thing. The voices and make up were the two most outstanding things at Pennhurst this year. The chick with the rat was pretty creepy too. We love that the actors listened to our group and played into that. They used our fears and names to interact.

It was a treat and a trick to visit Pennhurst Asylum. Being one of the few places that is actually a haunted place makes this one a must do! Go, and tell them HRC sent you!!!