The Bates Motel & Haunted Hayride

On Sunday night, 10/16, HRC members visited The Bates Motel & Haunted Hayride in Glen Mills, PA.  For some haunted attractions Sundays are slow & slightly understaffed, but not here!  Bates had an awesome crowd, making for a busy midway, including the merchandise shop, food vendors, and coffin rides. The first attraction we hit was the legendary hayride & it was on fire…Really! As we traveled through the dark, thick woods, ghouls & creeps were everywhere. They were crawling, swinging overhead, & even springing out of the ground!  There are some new things to see on the hayride this season. It seemed longer this time & has always been an HRC favorite.


Next stop, the Haunted Corn Maze.  It's not just a regular corn maze; that's not Randy Bates style. There are tons of creeps spread throughout the corn, with some interesting buildings to visit along the way. It was amazing to see such high level technology & detail in a corn maze. And just when you think the walk is over, it takes you on another journey.


 The Bates Motel is the perfect mix of old school & new school haunt. The first room sets the mood for the rest of your stroll, or run, through the motel. Keep your head on a swivel to take in the attention to details in every room & scene!  It’s so busy in there; things moving that shouldn't & creepy actors coming out of places you wouldn'texpect. There are NO dead spots in the motel; it will keep you on your toes.


Randy Bates is a senior statesmen in the haunt industry. He knows the value of building your own sets, actor training, & the optimal mix of animatronics. He has the ability to design and build just about anything in house, including custom prosthetics for the actors. Randy’s mad scientist lab is an amazing place!


New in 2016, The Bates Motel Escape Rooms offer 3 escape rooms like no other. These are open year round and are located in West Chester, PA. The HRC will be visiting in the off season. 


During the winter holidays the Bates hayride continues, with plenty of scenes for the season. Gotta love a place that can provide year round entertainment!!!