Field of Screams in Lancaster PA. 2018

It is the 2018 Haunt season my friends! We are so pumped to bring you our reviews for this season. Let's begin with our experience here at the legendary, original Field of Screams in Lancaster PA. This place embodies Halloween. When you arrive you walk up to a ticket window and friendly greeter. There you have several options for ticket packages. They have 4 attractions total, with one being added just 5 seasons ago. You can do them all or just the ones you choose. HRC highly recommends all of them. Do not drive to FOS and miss out on any of the show. There are upgraded skip the line passes as well for those nights it is very busy. Once you pass through ticketing there is the largest midway of activity we have seen at a haunt. There are several food truck vendor choices, plenty of seating to enjoy the food and relax. They have a huge stage where there is always something happening. The night we were there they had various bands playing. Special shout out to Linda who was covering sound and dancing for hours straight! There are games to play in between visiting the 4 attractions as well. Really this is quite the set up. This year the attractions were so evenly matched that it was hard to choose which one got us the most. After debate we did end up favoring the Asylum. They had some seriously creepy characters in there (looking at you dentist and girl in the medicine room) Well done! Overall what makes Field of Screams a winner is their constant change and growth. In all 4 attractions the attention to detail is spot on. They have mastered make up to the point where we cannot tell props from people. They have realistic organs twitching from the ceilings and walls. The use of pitch black darkness and well placed floor changes, smells and textures is amazing. At one point we knew we were crawling through bodies and we all wanted to get out because we just knew one of them was going to spring to life and scare us. The actors are well trained, and truly love to scare. We love the use of technology and old school classic scares.

Field of Screams touches on every aspect of haunting. The indoor haunts, the very creepy hayride (lets be real it can be hard to get scares on a wagon) they do amazingly well, and their newest outdoor walk through. This place never ceases to impress. Some haunts we find go stagnant and barely change over the years. FOS isn't one of those. It is always obvious that they are reinvesting and inventing. Please go check out their 2018 show. If you cannot make it in September or October, they have decided to do their extreme show again in November. You will need to sign a waiver to participate... you've been warned. Go if you dare.