Laurel's House of Horror

The HRC had a pleasant surprise last weekend. We attended Laurel's House of Horror- Haunted House and Escape room, and it kicked butt! They have a great location in an old movie theater in Laurel MD. When we arrived we were a little unsure of what the night would bring. It is in the far corner of a shopping center, not far from a Chuck E. Cheese. Once in the area of the haunt we saw entertainment, haunt decor, and items for sale. They have well priced  concessions in the theater's original snack bar area. The entire place is all done up with old fashion theater curtains, classic horror movie posters, and scary props on the walls. 
The attraction is a 20-30 minute walk through. The beginning is light on actors, but very well sets the tone. The rooms are very detailed and go smoothly with the theme. By the 3rd or 4th room the dead really come to life. The actors in here came to scare you. The have great hiding spots, not like most places where you anticipate the spook easily. They have a scene in an actual theater and the overall vibe and mood of that is spot on 80's horror. It was definitely an HRC favorite. The place has props never seen before. Homemade sets (our favorite things) and the best clowns ever. Really. The clowns got us a few times. The attraction felt much longer than 30 minutes, the use of space was terrific. They mazed it out and you felt like you were inside, outside and who knows where in the dark. 
This is only their 3rd season running. HRC has very high hopes for this place. They've taken it back to the basics, but on steroids. The classic old school haunt is there, with a unique twist and a little technology here and there. Just the right balance. This isn't an animatronics sales show. This is one of those places where you feel the passion for Halloween, scares and fun from all of the staff involved!
Overall we highly recommend this attraction. We didn't say for the escape room but we are definitely going back. Those are open in the off season! Go check it out and tell us what you think!