Interview with Jen & Sylvia Soska a.k.a The Twisted Twins!

I can't think of a better way to kick this off than with horror mavericks Jen & Sylvia Soska: The Twisted Twins!

These identical twin Canadian film-makers have blazed a trail for women in the Horror genre, even with an action movie thrown in as well for WWE films. They even have their own comic(Kill Crazy Nymphos Attack), and have collaborated with Marvel for Secret Wars Journal #5 and Guardians of Infinity #8.

Now though is the time of year where the twins put back on their mastermind hats for Season 2 of GSN'S Hellevator. A creation from Blumhouse,GSN, Matador, and Lionsgate. Think of it as a mini horror flick that each week, a team of 3 tries to win money by surviving the Soskas twisted challenges. More on that in the interview.

From acting, to stuntwork, to producing/directing, these ladies have a bloody bright future ahead of them. Hellevator returns Oct. 7th at 9pm on GSN. For all things Soska make sure to check out

For our followers who are uninitiated to the Twisted Twins, could you tell us what got you both into Horror?

S: I can't remember a time where we weren't into horror, but I do believe a great deal of that comes from my mum. She has always been a big horror fan and young girls want to emulate their mum - we're lucky our mum is very cool.

J: She had and still has this huge Stephen King collection. We started reading that really early on and couldn't get enough of it. Then we saw our first horror movie, Poltergeist and that was pretty much it for us. We couldn't get enough.

     What made you want to make your own films?

S: We never set out to make our own films, we liked films very dearly, but it wasn't until I was much older and watching Mary Harron handle the press for her adaptation of American Psycho that I saw a lady director and thought, I'd like to do that. We didn't actually set to make our own films until we got ripped off by a film school while seeing fellow Canadian Jason Eisner's Hobo With A Shotgun in Grindhouse that we decided to serve up our own revenge at graduation with a faux trailer that would go on to become Dead Hooker in a Trunk.

J: Robert Rodriguez's Rebel Without A Crew had a huge effect on us. The book ends with Rodriguez telling you to not just sit around and talk about making movies. Go out and make one. So we did. I've always loved stories. I don't think I knew I was going to be a director for some time. Girls weren't encouraged enough to become directors and writers and producers when I was starting out, but I can see that changing so much right now and it's amazing.

    Explain the inspiration for your first feature, "Dead Hooker in a Trunk"

S: Every film I make is to make Jen laugh. That one, we made each other laugh a lot and really put our hearts into the project. There's a lot of our own sensibilities in it as well as our heavy influencers like Rodriguez, Landis, and Weekend at Bernies.

J: It's movie where we had the title before anything else. You need a great title. We were so inspired by Rodriguez's El Mariachi story, we really wanted to do our version of that. A DIY film that could showcase that we could make a film on our own. It's a great way for an aspiring filmmaker to get their work out there and prove they've got what it takes to pull off a film.

    You've really broken ground and are paving the way for female directors in Horror. Who have you yet to work with that would be on your bucket list?

S: Not really a specific person, I've been very blessed with collaborations with people I admire like the teams at Blumhouse and getting to write for Marvel. I like working with people who you don't get to see the darker parts of all the time. I think there's quite a bit of untapped talent that could do some cool stuff in one of our films.

J: Thank you so much. That's sweet of you to say. There are so many people we'd like to work with. I'd really love to make a Marvel movie for Disney. I'm such a happy fangirl getting to write for Marvel. It's just the coolest.

    You recently had you 2nd comic released with Marvel, "Guardians of Infinity #8". If you could make a horror movie of any comic character, who would it be?

S: I am a sucker for comic books. Punisher would be fun. So would Spidey. Who wouldn't be fun in a horror movie?

J: Oh, that's a tough one. I could make a killer horror movie with Venom. It could be a stand alone film. I'd base it off the Venom mini series Venom: The Hunger. It's so dark and it would make a great horror movie. It's one of my favorite Venom books.

    It's about that time of the year again and Season 2 of GSN'S Hellevator is upon us! Explain the premise of the show for our followers and what can we expect from season 2.

S: This season our victims will not only have to survive the Hellevator but they will have to save their sinful team mates from burning in the Inferno. This season is all about the seven deadly sins and it's scary as hell this season!

J: Last season our victims may have escaped the Labyrinth, but they'll be feeling the heat in the Inferno, our all new final level. The challenges are harder and more brutal based off true crime stories. It's scarier than ever before. I really can't wait for October 7th!

    Since we're coming up on Halloween, do you have any Halloween traditions? What are your go to movies for this time of year?

S: Halloween is a month long celebration - I think it's starting to start in September for us since Hellevator comes out October 7th at 9pm this season. We really like decorating, but to be honest, a lot of what we buy tends to stay up all year long as decor. This is a month to super marathon horror movies and go out in costume, even though we like to do that kind go thing every day!

J: Definitely we're gonna be all about Hellevator this holiday season! It's like Christmas time for us! We watch a ton of horror moves and every Halloween time horror movie. We go big on dressing up. We're still planning our costumes.

    Now we review Haunted attractions, do you two partake of haunted houses? (If so)What do you look for?

S: Definitely! I'm a total screamer. I like anyplace where you can acceptably scream in public. It's very therapeutic.

J: Of course! We're thrill junkies. We look for dedication in our scarers. No breaking character. Also I love a killer atmosphere. Great lighting, fog, great sound design, the works.

    Do you have a favorite?

S: Hard to pick a favorite, especially since Hellevator is our own interactive haunted slaughterhouse. I really like the interactive haunts where you are actually part of the scary story and you get to play out a story. I don't mind things jumping out at me, but I like a good setup and payoff.

J: Um, Hellevator. Hellevator is my favorite haunted anything. Netherworld in Atlanta looks incredible! I wish they'd fly us out this Halloween to check it out! We're such fans.

    If you had to give advice to a haunt actor like you give an actor on set, what would it be?

S: Don't wait until you get to set to play with your character, especially when doing something physical and out of the norm. It's easier to practice faces and body movement in front of a mirror to perfect what reads the best before getting on set. We have a great scare team on Hellevator, they bring so much terror to our contestants.

J: I would tell them to commit to the character. Don't break character, it kills it. I agree with Sylv. Practice at home. Try out your zombie walks, exorcist stances, and psycho faces at home. Also fun tricks to pull out if someone's creeping on you.

    What does the future hold in store for the Soska Sisters? (I know you've got "Rabid", "Bob", anything you'd like to promote?)

S: A lot of people have already heard about the Rabid film and television series which we are ecstatic about sharing with everyone. Bob looks like it's going to be something we try to make ourselves, it's a very unique story and it's had a hard time finding a good home, but it would be nice to create something that can be as close to the original concept as possible. We have about four really cool unannounced projects coming up, but not sure when you'll be officially hearing about them. It's been a busy year setting everything up!

J: We have more amazing things coming up than I can talk about yet, but I will vaguely hint at them. We're doing more comic book writing. This is something we're very excited to announce but we'll have to sit on it for a while I suspect. We're working on a documentary mini series that is absolutely terrifying and has never been seen or attempted before. We're making a film with a company we adore and have been dying to work with. And we have a killer, brutal horror film that taps into our love of haunts with some that's cool as fuck. And we've got Rabid the film coming and it's something we're so proud of. It's a return to body horror for us and we get to make a love letter to one of our greatest inspirations, horror icon David Cronenberg.

Jen and Sylv

This killer interview was arranged by Todd Mulloy, HRC member!