Interview with filmmaker, Kansas Bowling

Our final interview of the season is with a new, fresh young filmmaker, Kansas Bowling! She made short films with her younger sister and began shooting Super 8 at 13!! Her wide range of influences in high school had her and a friend write the script for the first pre-historic slasher, B.C Butcher.

Your bio says you've been interested in film your whole life, but what actually made you pick up a camera and say "I want to make art!"?

Ever since I can remember, my sister Parker Love Bowling and I have always been creative making home movies and works of other mediums. We were also obsessed with dolls, playing with them and making them and giving them wild back stories and creating soap operas with them. So we've always loved telling stories. It's something that's always come naturally and something I've always known I've wanted to do.


You have a pretty unique list of inspirations from Russ Meyer, Annette Funicello,  Roger Corman, and Michael Nesmith(LOVE). Was this just a product of what you were exposed to by your parents, or did these people catch your eye on your own?

No my parents barely know who those people are!! I've been searching and discovering beautiful people like these on my own since I was young. So many people have struck me and inspired me but especially those you mentioned. (And ESPECIALLY Nez!!) 

So your debut film, B.C. Butcher, is a pre-historic slasher pic. How did you develop the story?

I wrote the script when I was in high school with my friend Kenzie Givens, who had similar interests as me. (She idolizes John Waters, Salvador Dali, and David Lynch.) It was just something we'd thought of in a second and decided to write it.

Being so young when you created this, was it hard to get funding/assemble a cast?

No, not at all! I was very lucky to find the cast and crew I did. They were all very professional. As for funds, I partially raised some from indiegogo. The rest I saved up on my own. 

Troma will be distributing the move this year. How did you catch the eye of the great Lloyd Kaufman and what has working with Troma been like? Will you be doing more with Troma in the future?

I sent Lloyd and email about the movie and he wanted to meet with me. We met and he loved the idea of it and gave me some money for post production. The film was shot at that point but not finished. Troma has been such a dream to work with. I love everyone a part of the Troma family and I hope to work with them forever!!

You really have a promising career ahead of you, what does the upcoming year hold for you?

I am currently directing a lot of music videos for various artists and working on my second feature! 

Lastly, I ask this of all of my guests. Since we do review haunted attractions:

Do you visit haunted houses/attractions? Why/why not?

No. But I used to live in one. I was this house in Topanga Canyon with a creek in the backyard and a hill above it. Decades ago, a school bus was driving along the hill and fell off the cliff, crashing into the creek in the backyard. All the kids died on it. I'd see the little kids walking around my house all the time since I was 6/7 years old and more susceptible to those things. Fun fact: a lot of B.C. Butcher was shot at the same crash site!! Part of the bus sat right off camera.

Favorite attraction ever?

I love visiting places movies were shot at. My favorite place I've been to recently was the Spider Baby house in Pasadena. Silent Scream was also shot there. Going to the Carole Lombard crash site soon!

What advice would you give to a younger person like yourself that is looking to get in to the industry?

Just create and put your all into it and people will pay attention. Don't stop working and never give up.