Interview with actor Lee Majdoub

Greetings HRC haunt heads, This go around I had the pleasure of speaking with Lee Majdoub!

Born in 1982 in Tripoli, Lebanon, Lee has both acted and produced. You may know him best from Supernatural, Prison Break, or Arrow. He has also been in Once Upon A Time, See No Evil 2, even voice work in Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

Join us as we talk about the return of Prison Break, his upcoming work on Rogue, and how horror hasn't helped toughen up for going to haunted attractions:)


This picture was taken by Norm Lee at the Lighthouse Viff red carpet 2016 event.


You were born in Lebanon, have a degree in Mechanical Engineering from California State University, and have lived in multiple countries. What was it like living in so many places?
- Living in many places definitely had its positives and negatives. I learned many languages. Experienced and learned a lot about different cultures. It helped me adapt and evolve as a person. The tougher aspect of moving was that I never really got to make long term friends. By the time I would establish some sort of connection, it was time to move again. Luckily I've been able to stay in touch with a couple of people from my childhood.

Why the change from mechanical engineering to acting?
- I was always interested in the arts. I had hoped to study Product Design in university. It was recommended I go into a math/science of some sort instead. I thought Mechanical Engineering would be a more "artistic" science to pursue. I was quite wrong. Midway through college, one of my sister's suggested I take some acting classes on the side. I got hooked immediately, and decided to pursue acting full time after graduating.

Now in an interview I saw of you, you said that you're the guy in the theater with his hoodie pulled tight:) Has working on ABC's of Death, See No Evil 2, Supernatural, Massive Blood Drive, Puppet Killer, toughened you up?
- Where did you see that??? I never said that! ;)  I don't think it's toughened me up at all. I might be better at faking toughness. I think the only thing those projects helped me with is reminding myself there's a person filming, and there are a few grips around a corner, etc. It helps... a teeny tiny bit.

Now I know Prison Break is returning(yay!) What can we expect this season and can you explain your role for us?
- I'm really excited it's coming back. This season has so much at stake. Relationships, beliefs, lives are all threatened. Also, some of the season takes place in Yemen. I play a character named Yasser. The only thing I can really say about him, is he's very impassioned. The show was a blast to shoot. The people involved were phenomenal and all the exterior Yemen scenes were shot in Morocco, which was an incredible place to be.

You're also playing in a new series called "Rogue". Tell us about it.
- Rogue is a show in its fourth (and I believe, final) season. It airs on Direct TV. The show revolves around undercover cops and crime families. Characters have come and gone in the last few seasons, so nobody is safe. I play a character named Ozil, who owns a pawn shop. He was a lot fun to play.

So I ask all of our guests, do you visit Haunted attractions?
- As you know, I'm easy to scare, so I try not to go under my own free will.

If so, what do you look for, do you have a favorite?
- The times I have gone, I gotta say, the best experiences and the most scared I've been was probably Knotts Scary Farm. I hate (love) walking through a hall and a character pops out from right in front of you. How do they do that?!? I was looking right there! I really give a lot of credit to all performers involved in haunted attractions. The patience that goes into what they do in order to do it well is crazy. And, the fact that they sometimes have to deal with people that are disrespectful and aggressive. Also, a ton of credit goes out to the people that design the attractions, wardrobe, and makeup.

If not, what are your Halloween traditions?
- Usually, my partner and I go to the pumpkin patch, and pick out pumpkins for ourselves and her family. We'll spend an evening carving together. And then on Halloween we sit and have dinner together and take turns handing out candy to trick or treaters. I love it.

What advice would you give to someone looking to act(or more specifically to a haunt actor/actress?)
- I would say, give it everything you have. Enjoy the process. Learn as much about yourself as possible and live life to the fullest. My career really started to move forward when I truly started to live/enjoy my life. It gives me so much to draw from in my performances. As far as being a haunt actor/actress... take your time when scaring someone. Build the tension. Let them know you're there, but then cause them to question themselves. Next thing you know... BOO! You've caused them to pull their hoodie tight and scream at a pitch they never thought they could achieve.

Todd, thank you so much! This was a wonderful experience.