Field of Screams PA 2019

Ladies and gentlemen, it is 2019 and Field of Screams PA is ready for you! The HRC started our review with the Den of Darkness. The Den never disappoints. There were actors everywhere. We were even made to crawl through the fireplace! Carnage was an actor who stood out among the many talents in the den. He is dedicated to his scenes via his voice work and timing in scares. The den has twists and turns that most people cannot anticipate. That is one thing that helps them execute scares. You cant always anticipate where a haunter is hiding. Something else we wanted to mention that we really liked about the den was the actors with chainsaws aren't just standing there visible and waiting to chase you. There was 1 who was obvious, but the others lingered in hidden places making them way more effective. When you go to 10 or more haunts in a season, chainsaws wear out their luster. We appreciated the added element of surprise in there. The Asylum was our next stop of the evening. Out of all 4 attractions this one provided us with the most scares and surprises. Yes, asylum scenes at haunts are common. NO Field of Screams isn't just a typical "boo" gotcha type show. The asylum is 100% dedicated to really turning the atmosphere into an asylum, complete with a morgue. There is warped medical equipment, there are times we duck, times we scoot, or have to turn to get passed an object or ghoul. The actors do a tremendous job of maintaining and staying in character. An actress even went as far as licking the windows and chasing us down. There was a scene on a staircase that really caught us off guard, kudos to all contortionists. The doctors and patients in there are NOT ok. Go check on them, if you dare! 3rd attraction of the night was the hayride.

The hayride saw upgrades in the off season including a new scene with really neat technology. We were fortunate enough to be on a wagon with a group of people who are terrified of haunts. Watching them scream and hide among themselves was awesome. They have upgraded a few scenes on the hayride that make the scenes way more realistic. There are crazy rednecks, snakes, clowns, spiders, and all of your fears hiding out in the cornfield! The actors in the hayride have probably the most difficult job as far as scaring patrons go. You are safe and on a wagon, and they need to not only be theatrical and believable, they have to surprise you and catch you off guard to scare you. The actors at FoS attend a scare school every year, so it is not a surprise that they nail their scares on the hayride! To mention one that requires superior acting and always hits the mark, the guillotine scene! It is a classic and still a favorite scene for us. Nice job hayride! Lastly we went to Nocturnal wasteland. They have condensed the show as far as length to make a bigger impact. This got rid of the space on the trail where there were no actors or a lag time etc. The downside to this is, there is a higher likelihood you will run into another group. You cannot anticipate if a group of chickens are walking through. You send them in and they don't move through the show or they stop and then you have the next group right there behind them. The show itself was great! There was an actor on a bus whom we thought was a prop... moved a little and we jumped. The air cannons were an excellent touch placed where your focus is elsewhere so when the air hits you jump. They had a very innovative scene added to the end that has us still wobbly. Overall FOS delivered as usual! We had a great time and we are so excited to learn they will now be doing some shows in the off season. Check out our Facebook page for that info.