Hotel of Horror Saylorsburg PA 9/29/19

Well, we decided to hit up the creepiest hotel again this year. Hotel of Horror is just that; a hotel full of vile creatures, morbid scenes, and bone chilling creeps. Hotel has yet to disappoint. They have Hollywood level makeup and scenes that draw you in, then scare the crap out of you. Sometimes less is more. The scenes in Hotel leave your mind wondering what’s real and what’s not; and sometimes nothing at all is real, leaving you on edge the whole time. When you exit the Hotel side, you can now go straight into Altered Nightmares (if you’re doing both attractions).

Altered Nightmares is just that; a mind bending trip into your nightmares. Let’s just be real; this attraction is not for the faint of heart. It is intense, terrifying, and downright insane. Think, The Shining meets The Munsters meets Dr. Hannibal Lechter. Yea, crazy!

The actors stay in character, but also feed off the guests fears, reactions, and even conversations. They give you deathly stares, intense screams, and blood curdling sounds. Shout out to Zipper Face and the screeching nun.

As far as indoor attractions, Hotel of Horror is at the top of the list for many reasons. Great use of space, strategic actor placement, unique characters, and the maze that allows actors to re-appear and make you think you’re seeing doubles. The use of this old lake house hotel building, in and of itself, sets the ambiance right from the beginning.

Hotel of Horror is worth the trip. Tell them HRC sent you, and wear your Depends.