Valley of Fear in Feasterville PA 2019

Valley of Fear in Feasterville PA welcomed us for their opening weekend! This year they are celebrating 30 years of scares! When you arrive there is quite a walk to the 1st part, the hayride attraction. It is dark so be prepared! They have a unique approach to how they do their experience. This hayride leaves you with legs vulnerable and dangling off the wagon! The hayride while providing a bit of scares was mostly impressive for the theatrical performance. There is a jack in the box scene that really wowed us! The main actor was amazing. He was perfectly in character and timing as was his accomplices! Throughout the ride we experienced smells that were awful, and some very well built scenes. We moved on to the manor from the hayride. The manor was a lot of fun. We found this to be the most scary of the attractions. There was a chef we referred to as the "Jersey chef" he was creepy and dedicated to scaring us all! There was also a terrifying clown which lets remember, we see a lot of those in haunts. This one in particular really stood out! There was also a clown with a chainsaw that gave us a nice surprise. The actors in the manor are ready for this season! We finished up with Scary Tales. Their twisted version of fairytales we know and love. The scenes are very well designed and flow. The trail itself is very dark. The new mad hatter is definitely up to the challenge of this season. The entire scene from the Mad tea party was amazing. We really enjoyed that in particular!

As a whole Valley of Fear was a lot of fun, we recommend checking them out if you have love and appreciation for strong theatrics and scares. They have a great little dance area and snack bar too so come hungry and hang out!