The Nevermore Haunt

On October 19th the Haunt Review Crew experienced The Nevermore Haunt in Baltimore. The wait for the haunt even after arriving at the time they opened was about 35 minutes. The haunt itself is in a large building in downtown Baltimore at the Old Town Mall. The attraction is themed in old school Baltimore. Very fitting and paid homage to Edgar Allen Poe. The scenes in this 10,000 sq foot attraction were awesome. There was clearly a lot of thought put into the set designs. The first few rooms didn’t offer many scares or “got ya” moments, but boy when they kicked in the haunt delivered. The actors are very in character, well costumed and great makeup. They were consistent and well placed throughout the show. They have some giant props that really surprised us. Overall, it was really a good show. We are excited to see where this place will go as far as growing into the space they have.

This is their 3rd season and while we see opportunities to expand on the scares and scenes there is really some dedication and heart showing. If you have an opportunity to check this one out it is worth it.