Laurel’s house of Horror

Ladies and gentleman, Maryland is stepping up their haunt game. Laurel’s house of Horror is a serious game changer. The location is an abandoned movie theater. You pull up to this shopping center and you wonder how good this could be. We are here to tell you the answer is, very good indeed! Firstly, the actors, kudos to you all! These folks are everywhere in this attraction. We were convinced they had more than one person playing certain roles. We learned after that no, in fact these actors are running all over and keeping this amazing storyline going. The bunny, Anthony, Miss Laurel and the movie theater security you all were fantastic! The characters are in Hollywood level make-up, their costumes aren’t just thrown together but also complete the look and storyline. Next, let’s talk scenes. The scenes in here are so realistic we weren’t sure of we had been dumped outside and back in at a few points. The level of attention to detail in this attraction pays off huge. The use of smells, sounds and perfectly placed and timed scares makes this haunt a hit. Another bonus is it is indoors so you can always go without worry of weather.

Attached to the haunt are several escape room games. We had the opportunity to play the American Horror story game. It was a blast. We ended up in a group of really fun folks and just loved it. Had we had time we would have done them all! We cannot say enough about how excited we are knowing that Laurel’s house of Horror is truly just beginning. We see big things ahead for them and we will no doubt be back to see what they come up with next! Let us know what you think when you visit!