Waldorf Estate of Fear 10/13/18

For the first time, the HRC took in the Waldorf Estate of Fear on the evening of October 13th.........pity it wasn’t Friday the 13th. Waldorf is a gem of a haunted attraction tucked away in Lehighton PA. Waldorf has 3 attractions; Terror in the Corn hayride, The Haunting at the Waldorf Hotel, and Infection (a zombie plagued walk-through).
We started our adventure on the Terror in the Corn hayride. First off, we were totally wowed by the Scarecrow line-keeper’s mask. His hinged mouth and jagged pointed teeth were very realistic. Scarecrow began the creep factor, for us; he was so quiet and creepy.....excellent acting. We hopped onto the wagon and met the Pumpkin King on the other side of the gate. The Pumpkin King layed out the ride rules and pumped us for what was ahead. Pumpkin King had an amazing costume and his voice was spot on. This hayride is a horror movie fan’s paradise; from the old classic 80’s movies, to newer movies, there were scenes right off the movie screen. The actors make the scenes come to life. Victims got chased down by villains like Freddy Krueger, Chucky, Michael Myers, and many more. The hayride was filled with a lot of scenes and even a surprise here and there. This hayride is fun for customers of all ages.
Next we hit the Waldorf Hotel. The vibe, before even entering the hotel, is a creepy one. The boarded up walls and windows delivered eerie warnings of “murder,” “go away,” and “turn back.” They can’t say we weren’t warned. We were brave enough to enter, in spite of the creepy warnings. At the front desk we were greeted by the bell hop, who set the tone for the tour through every disgusting and horrid room. The bell hop was superb!!! He took crazy to the next level. A stellar actor, by far!!! He had us so rattled, we accidentally walked into a closet and had to turn around to get to the next room. Throughout the hotel we encountered the creepiest characters gone mad. Top props to the exorcist girl, who nearly had us airborne as she stealthily leaped from one room into the next, right behind us. We are pretty certain the hotel would not pass health inspection! This is one hotel you may check into, but will be dying to check out of. We made it out alive, but we felt like we had just been engulfed in a horror movie.

We hit Infection last, but have to say, it was our favorite. It’s a walk-through filled with infected zombies trying to steal your 3 major organs (much like flag football). We were instructed to walk quickly, not run, to the safe town, but beware of the hungry zombies. While these were not World War Z zombies, they were stealthy and great at surprising us and nearly getting our organs. Glad we all had good shoes, because we had to use some football moves and make fast tracks! We all survived!! 2 with all our organs, and 2 only lost 1 non-essential organ each. This was our first encounter with a zombie run type attraction. We were very excited to encounter this hybrid attraction and give Waldorf a huge ‘hats off’ for originality!