Halls of Horror 10/13/18

Once again the HRC chose the blood option at Halls of Horror in Palmerton PA. Halls definitely kicks it up a few notches with the blood option. This attraction is fully immersive and adult themed. Your personal space will be invaded. You will be touched. You will get messy. This is what the blood option is all about! Halls is set in the middle of a shopping strip and seems like a totally harmless standard haunted attraction. Then you read the release you’re signing, they give you goggles, and begin telling you the rules. At that point some folks might wonder what they’ve gotten into. And the staff know many folks will decide it’s not for them, once they get started. So, the customers are given the option to exit the attraction at any time. The actors will come out of character and escort anyone out if they ask. We were surprised to learn about 15 people, per night, punk out.......oops........we mean, exit early.

Larger groups are broken up into smaller groups for a better haunt experience. When the door opens you are led down into a dark and foggy basement. Each room is set up to have a little fun with 1 or 2 poor unfortunate souls in the group. You may become the doctor’s next patient, or the dentist’s next patient, or even the crazy barber’s next customer. In almost every scene multiple members of the group get doused with some messy, smelly stuff. We were basted, made into human sundaes, examined, and assaulted with very realistic disgusting fluids and other stuff.

The Haunt is way longer than it looks from the front of the building. It even goes outside, but it winds and twists so much, you don’t know if you’re at the front, back or side of the building. The pictures and video give a better idea of the experience. If you are a true Halloween haunted attraction fan, don’t miss Halls of Horror! It’s worth the drive. Make sure you don’t wear your “fancy” clothes or shoes, that’s for sure. And tell them the Haunt Review Crew sent you!