Markoff's Haunted forest 2018

Markoff's Haunted forest is amazing. Lets start there. We only got to do The Town and one trail due to some flooding. We started with The Town. It was so much fun. We took a creepy very dark tractor ride over to the town and once we were dropped off Benny greeted us and filled us in on the laws of the land. Then we were set off to fend for ourselves into an old mining town where something toxic has occurred. The actors in this town were fantastic. They were very well timed and in the best costumes. The girl in the asylum, the General store full of oddities, and the gigantic saw were most impressive to name a few. Mike, one of the towns people also provided scares waiting for the tractor ride to go back to the midway. The Town was a lot of fun and never faltered from the storyline. We loved the show . Next we did the trail. We are going to go on a limb here and tell you this is the best outdoor trail we have done. We are all trying to find time this year to go back and do the one we missed because this one was that good! There were realistic dinos, a giant Viking ship, a seriously demonic church scene that had us all running, and an industrial scene complete with heavy metal playing added to the fun! There were a lot more scenes in there but we do not want to spoil this for you. Seriously. This place is amazing. The timing, the actors hidden so well…just insane. They make you sign a waiver here because honestly they do such a nice job of keeping it dark and so foggy that you could fall down. Wear boots or good shoes! The terrain isn’t some nice flat surface. You are in the woods. You go up hill, down into deep woods. If we do not make it back this year, we guarantee you we will be back there next year.

Maryland is looking at its best haunted attraction here. Please go and tell them the Haunt Review Crew sent you!