Gravensteen Haunted Production’s 2018

The HRC took a little road trip to Virginia to check out Gravensteen Production’s 2018 haunt. The haunt itself is located on a military base so be sure you have proper ID if you wish to check it out. We arrived at a very large building with a few food vendors set up (check them out the food was good). A perk of being inside is rain or moonshine the show goes on! The scenes in here were very elaborate. The detail going into them is clearly well thought out. The scene with the nun made us all jump a good bit, she basically appeared out of thin air. They seem to lean towards scenes from movies this year that are popular in the horror genre. They didn’t have a ton of actors but they have mastered how to use what they have effectively. We had a few gotchas but truthfully the scenes stole the show here. There was a hallway of ghosts that was eerie, a room of dolls and more. The makeup and costumes in here were also high quality. If you’re in the area we recommend checking this place out.