Reaper's Revenge 2016

Our 2nd weekend reviewing and Haunt Review Crew is already feeling blown away by talent! Seems these haunts are really ready for guests! We attended Reapers Revenge in Scranton PA, and we are happy we did! The first thing you notice here is the instant energy. They set the tone from the moment you step out of your vehicle. (Don’t forget  $3, you have to pay to park at this one) Once you arrive and purchase tickets you wait at the beginning to get on the Hayride. Once you’re on the Hayride you have a smooth 90 minutes as each attraction flows to the next. The good news is, once you've waited that initial time to get on the hay wagon the rest is little to no wait. That initial wait can get very long though, we recommend checking their calendar online and coming on a less crowded night, or purchasing a speed pass to jump to the front of their line!

The Hayride sets the expectations for the rest of their show! This hayride by far has the highest quality and most effective sound we've ever experienced on a hay wagon. The atmosphere and pitch black darkness are spot on. The actors do things rarely seen at a haunt, the way they stay in character is crazy. They don’t break character the entire time they are in your sights. They have theatrical sets and believable scares. They dumped us out into a very dark forest leading us along a path of more props that are homemade and not purchased at some convention, affording them the opportunity to be one of the most original designs we've seen. The actors in here have great timing, the twins by the carousel are an HRC favorite.  We stumbled all through these woods laughing at each of us as we got scares along the way. Every single one of us had a moment where we jumped or felt impressed by Reapers Revenge! The security scene was awesome. One of the last scenes on the hayride include a very scary, very tall ghoul, the level of scary in this is not easily achieved. Be on the lookout for that one when you go. Pitch black maze is not your typical lights out walk through.  They really nail it. Throughout the haunt's beginning you can opt for a glow necklace to prevent the ghouls of the hayride and forest from touching you, once you reach pitch black however, your necklace is returned and you are on your own! The darkness itself is freaky, combine it with the twists, turns and tricks in this one, and you'll run out breathless. So much fun! Lastly we enter their Zombie apocalypse themed attraction. We must say, the costumes and makeup through this is something out of Hollywood. Very cool stuff in there. Same can be said for the scenes.  The pods, the deranged experiments, the whole thing is just creepy. Prepare to be separated from your group too! They will take you right down to a very personal show.

What we loved about Reapers is they're going for a quality experience. Yes, you may wait more than other places at first, but it is all done to maintain the integrity of the show.  Some haunts rush so many people through that the scares become anticipated because you can see the group just before you. Sometimes your crammed like sardines in a hay wagon and it's just not as fun.  Reapers Revenge will not do that to you. They've got 4 great spots, a huge bonfire and carnival foods for you to enjoy. Their merchandise shack is also a must-see! You'll want proof you've been to Reapers so don't forget your merch! Go there, be scared, entertained and amused! Tell them HRC sent you!