Shocktoberfest 2016 is better than ever!

Shocktoberfest 2016 is better than ever! HRC started with their attraction, "The Unknown 2.0" the name could not be better for it. They've taken The Unknown, and put it on steroids. The entire attraction is like walking into a movie. You're narrated all throughout as you go. The timing of the scares was awesome. We had more than several "gotcha" moments. The actors are perfectly placed and stay right in character along with the show. By the time we got out of it we were breathless from the non-stop scares and unexpected sounds. Our senses were way overloaded. We could go on forever about the changes made in there and the details put into each scene, but we want you to go see for yourselves.

We decided next to do the Hayride. This has a zombie safari theme. The zombies the night we went (we are told some are different bc they have a zombie experience, look into that!) were amazing!! Cory the shirtless zombie was fantastic. We believe he is one of their actors and will be there when you go as well, we hope! He was so good and so in character. Voice training was a definite use here. All of the zombies were creepy and had great makeup and costumes. The ways they maneuvered around the wagon were almost unsafe. We did not see them approach us a few times. The spaces in between scenes on the hayride were just added effect for the creep factor. The trail is overgrown and wagon is a little more narrow than typical wagons. A favorite scene among guests was the pods. This hayride has definitely improved since years previous and we were excited to share that with you! We finished up the attractions with their Prison. What a way to finish with a bang. That building itself is weird, and the way they've got tunneling in the bottom is just insane. The actors again had excellent timing and were not all the same. We cannot stand when every actor does the same thing in a haunt. Some were quiet and gently touched you as you go by, some banged loudly when you least expected it, and others jumped out with a classic scream and startled us enough to run. Chain saws show up at the perfect moment making them more convincing as well.

Overall Shocktoberfest impressed us this season. We recommend doing everything and trying out the zombie laser tag. This laser tag is seriously kick-butt. The guns are cool, the zombies are some of the greatest actors and the overall area to play is a really good time. Make sure when you go, you give yourself enough time to enjoy it all. Please tell them the Haunt Review Crew sent you!