Field of Screams PA 2015

HRC pleasantly began 2015 haunt season with Field of Screams in Lancaster PA. They have 4 unique attractions sure to scare the pants off of everyone! We felt like the moment we began the first attraction, there were 0 breaks in the show. We were breathless by the time we were ready to go!! We began in the den of darkness and went along through the asylum, the nocturnal wasteland and the hayride. The den set the tone for the night. It seems they've added actors to every attraction. Non stop scares and so many new things added this year. The rooms seemed to be differently laid out too. We would end up back in a room we just left and have no idea how it happened. Their use of scents and light trickery is genius. By the time we made it to the hayride we weren't sure we could handle it. Then we realized going on a Sunday was a mistake. We were the only people on the wagon for the hayride. Clearly out numbered between us and the monsters. They went full throttle on us in there. That hayride isn't even close to the same one as last season and it was great then. They've added home built props we've never experienced. Trippy ride for many reasons.

The most impressive part of their show is their ability to keep a great flow. The actors understand the importance of scaring the whole group. Not just the front or back of the line. They made us crawl, run, hide and get sick from nasty smells. The asylum really did a great job with their actor placement this year it seems like they have really blended into their surroundings. No doubt it is full of experienced actors. The nocturnal wasteland is the first walking trail we've ever done that we commented on how you forget your outside walking through. They've decorated so well and added so many people and props in there that we were surprised by one girl whom we thought was a prop. Insane.
We can't even say enough about how amazing they did this year. We are eager to go back in November for their kicked up lights out show.
This won't be for the faint of heart!
We hope you'll go check them out. They're the most consistent place we visit each year. HRC says this one is in the hall of fame for scare excellence!!!