Jekyll and Hyde Club in NYC

On May 5, 2015 Cara and Todd went to The Jekyll and Hyde Club in NYC! Now there have been a couple incarnations of this club/restaurant, mainly being located in Time Square. They have now moved to the Village just outside of the Christopher St. station.

Walking in, there is definitely a conservatory feel. Lots of dark wood, dim lighting setting the mood, and a very friendly staff who sat us in our booth. Now when you get in to the actual restaurant, you’ve walked in to a collection so to speak, of the good Dr. Jekyll. Perched in his podium overlooking the dining room, along the walls admiring a giant talking Sphinx head, an unfortunate soul trapped in a cage, a talking gargoyle, a 2 man skeletal band, werewolf, and a Mummy that randomly come to life.

After placing our order, we were greeting by lovely assistant of the good doctor, Blossom (actress Bernadette Maass). Blossom is a groovy, sweet flower child who just happens to assist the doctor with “The Experiment.” There were some technical difficulties getting the show going, but Bernadette was a true professional and stayed in character while working to get the show going. Even though we were the only people there (we got there at opening), she performed like it was a full house. I won’t give it away, but the show is entertaining, and keeps you occupied while you wait for the food!I had the BBQ burger, AWESOME SAUCE! It was so juicy, onions grilled to perfection, with a bourbon BBQ sauce that was sweeeeeeeeet.

They unfortunately do not have a haunted attraction anymore, but The Jekyll and Hyde Club is still worth the trip when in NYC, and say hi to Blossom for us!