Field of Screams PA EXTREME!!!!!! 2015 Review

Well, we closed out our official Halloween season reviews with the same haunt we kicked off with. On November 13th Field of Screams turned down the lights and turned up the intensity. For starters you must sign your release form before entering and paying. This is giving them consent to do as they wish and to not be held liable for you falling over in the dark or any other crazy thing that can happen in the dark. All 4 attractions were open and all 4 were very different from how we left them in September. Field of Screams is never a let down for us. We call them the most consistently amazing haunt in the industry and most definitely in their market. 
We hope they will do this again next year, maybe even for 2 nights. The place was packed for this one night show. We were kidnapped, bags over head, and lead to torture. The hayride pulled us off unknowingly and the things we saw their was absolutely the most twisted nonsense ever. Handcuffs and blindfolds. We aren't sure what they used but our guess is a cattle prod! We were breathless throughout the show. They do have an out for you should it be too much. You must tell them "chicken" bow your head and admit defeat. 75% of the group cried chicken in at least one part or another of the show.
They changed layouts on us, made it so pitch black we couldn't figure out where we were. When we could see we were being painted on and separated from the group. One by one we were picked off. 
The actors were in character and definitely enjoying the insanity of the night. Just when we thought it couldn't get crazier, Field of Screams went level 10 on us. We are dying to see the 2016 show!!!