Screamland Farms 2015 Review

The HRC is pleased to officially declare Screamland Farms as Maryland's premier haunted attraction!  This place is such a good time. They've got 3 main attractions and several fun add ons you can do as well! We highly recommend zombie paintball!!
The farm is huge and has much room to expand. The first time we went two years ago we were so blown away by the hand made sets and props and couldn't wait to watch the place grow. Grow it has! The corn was a great walk through, the back bending actress gave us a startle for sure. Well placed actors, and great attention to detail to make sense believable. Next we did the hayride. We would classify it best hayride in MD for 2015, no doubt. They took it back to the basics here and have props we've only seen at this attraction. They have a scene depicting movie legends. The Freddy Kruger had a standout performance. He was rude, crude and creepy. Not the typical Freddy mask either. Totally embodied his part. The massive hogs should be mentioned as they carried off one of our members, right off the hayride unexpectedly. Now for the barn,  Barn of Bedlam is a trick in itself. They've made it even larger this year. It looks from the outside to be smaller than it really is. We got quite a few scares along the way. They really did a great job and stayed in character. We all had a few "gotcha" moments in there. Overall this place is wonderful. Bring your friends out, you have two full weekends to go!!!
We also wanted to add, after the haunt season, Screamland will host the Great Pumpkin 5k on 11/7/15, so go back and enjoy this vast farm in the daytime!!