Screams at the Beach 2015 Review

Friends on the Eastern shore and friends who like to travel for a great show, this is the spot! Screams at the beach has several scary attractions for you to enjoy. We highly recommend their VIP tickets as it gets busy quick. This place has one of the best indoor mazes we've been in. So much fun. Their use of the strobes and darkness was ridiculous. Not for the faint at heart. They do caution folks about it. The walls and things seemed to move on us and redirect us. A few well placed actors and boom, you've got a scary maze. The group favorite was their cemetery. The leather face in there is the best most in character chain saw chaser ever. We see chain saws often and this guy was a pro.

This place was so fun. This is not one of those "don't touch them they won't touch you" shows. Don't touch them, and they are going to touch you! We were violated in a fun way. Painted our faces. Robbed our group of a member here and there. Forced one of us to do the house almost entirely alone. Really great makeup and acting throughout. We had so much fun there. It was the kind of place that didn't need to be over the top with gore or vulgarity and is still scary.  Highly recommend you check them out. The food was delicious, the scenery and ambiance is on point, there are a few dates left to check it out for 2015, Go!